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We design and develop awesome AI & Robotics solutions to make your systems intelligent.

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We are an authorized distributor of popular robotics platforms: Open Source TurtleBot2, Educational Jupiter Robot, Humanoid Pepper Robot by SoftBank Robotics.


We have nearly a decade of experience providing customized AI & robotics hardware and software solutions across a wide variety of industries for research and application development.


We develop AI & robotics education systems and collaborate with many academic institutions around the globe, from K12 to universities, for the incorporation of AI & robotics into classroom.

Our Partners

@Home Education

Yujin Robot

Jupiter Robot

SoftBank Robotics

RoboCup@Home Education

We are a proud partner of RoboCup@Home Education to promote robotics education in artificial intelligence (AI) and service robot development, particularly among young students (undergraduates and high schools) and non technical general public. The competition based robotics education is a practical approach to learn AI & robotics in solving real world problems.