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AI Robotics Talk & Demo

With the strong partnership with RoboCup@Home Education, we have provided support to run introductory talks and robot demos around the world, in order to create awareness on Robotics & AI literacy.

  • AI Talk and Robot Demo at Schools

  • Technical Seminar at Universities

  • Invited Public Lectures

  • Online Webinars

Hands-On Workshop

We have run hands-on workshops around the world in various schools, universities, and also technical organizations.

  • RoboCup@Home Education Workshops

  • AI Robotics Workshops

AI Robotics Competition

In collaboration with many academic, commercial and government bodies, we have supported the organization of various national, regional and international AI and robotics related competitions.

  • RoboCup@Home Education Challenge

  • World Robot Summit

  • SoftBank Robotics Challenge

AI Robotics @ School

We collaborate and support schools and universities to establish robotics clubs and AI labs in their organizations to provide better accessibility of AI & Robotics resources to student audience. We also work together with schools and universities to customize suitable AI Robotics Curriculum for their learning and teaching operations.

  • High School Robotics Clubs

  • University AI Labs

  • AI Robotics Curriculum

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ROS & Robotics Training

We have over a decade of experience in robotics and ROS development.

  • ROS Basics


  • Open Source Robotics Development

  • Autonomous Navigation

  • Robot Arm & Mobile Manipulation

  • Robot Simulation

Practical AI Development

With our robotics background, we develop AI for practical applications to solve real world problems.

  • Speech Synthesis & Recognition

  • Visual Perception

  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning

  • Cloud Computing

Pepper Robot Training

We have partnered with SoftBank Robotics to provide professional training programs for Pepper robot development.

  • Choregraphe & Python SDK (Pepper 2.5)

  • Advanced ROS Interface (Pepper 2.5)

  • Android (Pepper 2.9)

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